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FEIFA sees international adviser firms membership spurt as regulation bites

Posted on: 04 Jul 17

The Federation of European Independent Financial Advisers (FEIFA) has seen a growth in number of firms joining its ranks, with advice and support surrounding regulatory changes needed, particularly in the international expat arena.

FEIFA said that it has added three further companies across the last few weeks as members of the trade association, with a Cypriot financial adviser firm and a UK international expat advisory specialists added.

The Woodbrook Group, Churchgate Accountants Ltd and Omega Financial Solutions have all joined its ranks in the last few weeks, FEIFA said in a statement.

Woodbrook is based in Cyprus and has 15 advisers and operates in a number of mainland European countries, while Churchgates FCA-regulated and is based in Suffolk, working in combination with Accountants, Solicitors and Investment Managers, all under one roof.

Omega is also an FCA-regulated firm, located in the North-West of England but often working with international advisers, not least with regards to pension advice for expatriates, FEIFA said.

FEIFA chief executive Paul Stanfield said that the organisation is seeing a particular growth spurt as regulation begins to bite across the globe.

‘Further growth’

“Only recently we were announcing that FEIFA had more member firms than ever before and we have already seen further growth since then,” Stanfield said. “Another new membership peak has therefore been reached and we are understandably very pleased with this progress.

“Allied to this we are experiencing an increasing desire from advisers to be represented – and also a growing need to be supported and assisted with regards to expat and international business.

“Representation and support of the advisory sector is arguably more important than ever before and our membership growth would suggest that the sector is increasingly realising that fact.”

FEIFA member companies are English-speaking advisory businesses, active across Europe and advising on cumulative assets in excess of €4bn. The Federation is a non-profit trade association and its membership operates in around 35 European countries as well as, in some cases, other regions of the world.

The trade body also has affiliations with a wide range of companies, including major asset managers, international life companies, and a number of international pension and trust companies.

Woodbrook Group joins FEIFA – The Federation of European Independent Financial Advisers

Posted on: 30 Jun 17

Woodbrook Group is proud to announce it’s partnership with the Federation of European Independent Financial Advisers to help to ensure the best standards of practise in the regulated and licensed financial service industry.

Announcement FEIFA 1

Woodbrook Group and CIFSA

Posted on: 13 Apr 17

Woodbrook is proud to announce it’s partnership with the Cyprus International Financial Services Association as a full member to help ensure the highest standards of practice in the Cyprus regulated IFA and financial service industry.
All members of CIFSA are approved on the basis of practising their profession to the highest standards, and maintaining the highest levels of integrity and honesty.


Integrity Matters in Finance…

Posted on: 10 Apr 17

Woodbrook is proud to announce it’s partnership with the Chartered Institute for
Securities & Investment (CISI) as an affiliated member to help ensure the highest
standards of practice in financial service industry.


“Marinella – 60 years of Songs” Charity Event sponsored by Woodbrook Group

Posted on: 15 Nov 16

We would like to share some moments of the charitiy event sponsored by Woodbrook Group, “Marinella – 60 years of Songs” Charity Event. The event “Marinella – 60 years of Songs”, which was organized by the Cultural Association “Estia” along with the Choir of Dreams and Elena Solea, and took place on 12 November 2016, at Pattichion Municipal Theatre in Limassol and it was under the auspices of the First Lady, Mrs. Andri Anastasiades. All proceeds will be donated to the Independent Body of Social Support to cover the study costs of the children of underprivileged families.

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Under the spotlight: product review of RL360° Quantum

Posted on: 02 Sep 16

Under the spotlight: product review of RL360° Quantum

“Moving away from the traditional route of “mirror” funds, Quantum offers direct investment in a restricted range of collective investments from some of the world’s leading fund houses. The number of investments that can be held is unlimited, provided a low minimum amount of £25 is invested in each fund chosen.”

Property is better than a pension says Bank of England economist

Posted on: 29 Aug 16

Property is a better investment for retirement than a pension, according to the Bank of England’s chief economist, Andy Haldane.

Haldane owns two homes – one in Surrey and a holiday home on the Kent coast. His basic salary at the Bank is £182,000 and he is in line for a pension of more than £80,000 a year when he retires.

Three reasons for further GBP declines – Morgan Stanley

Posted on: 26 Feb 16!/three-reasons-for-further-gbp-declines-morgan-stanley-20160225

Let’s talk about gold!

Posted on: 25 Feb 16


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